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Gdansk Airport info about destinations and carriers

If you read our articles, you will know that travelling by plane is probably the most convenient way of getting to Gdansk. First of all it’s a time saver and secondly, thanks to many cheap airlines, you will not have to spend a lot of money to come to gda [...]

Sopot – best things to see and do in the city

When you come to Gdansk you might also hear that some locals call it Trojmiasto, or if they speak English, TriCity. Basically, TriCity means that it’s a bigger metropolia, which is officially divided into three cities. The three cities, which are, of cour [...]

Dentist prices in Poland – are they really low?

For both tourists and patients, who come to Poland from abroad, Poland is a relatively inexpensive country. The prices of services, food and accommodation, are lower from the prices in most of other European countries. Therefore is does not come as a surp [...]

Dentist in Poland – travel to Gdansk

When you seek for treatment abroad, it can be difficult to find the most suitable and comfortable solution. There are so many clinics, dentists and medical tourism facilitators to choose from, that it is totally understandable why patients have problems f [...]

Kashmir SPA in Gdansk – our visit in the new premises

A few weeks ago we visited Malwina Markowska, the owner of Kashmir SPA in Gdańsk. Kashmir SPA has been our Partner for some time now, but they have recently moved to a totally new building and are now operating in a truly beautiful and relaxing environmen [...]

Medical trip to Poland – how to prepare?

If you are reading this then probably you are considering a medical trip to Poland, or you maybe know someone who is. It is great that you are doing this research, because it means that you want to prepare for your trip in the best possible way. We will g [...]

How to get to Gdansk? Useful links and tips

Even if you have never heard of Gdansk, you will be surprised, because this city is within your reach. How to get to Gdansk? Our city is easy to get to with different means of transport and from most European countries, your journey can only take a few ho [...]

Gdansk Tourist Traps – our tips

An every tourist's nightmare... and it doesn't matter whether you are a medical tourist, who just came to Gdansk to have their teeth fixed, or you want to relax in Gdansk and do some sightseeing. Just like in any popular city, especially during the top su [...]

8 reasons why you should visit Gdansk

Holland? No, POLAND. Dance? No, GDANSK. We hear these mistakes almost every day; when we call our customers or explain how to get somewhere. It looks like many people never heard of our country, so it should not come as a shock that they have never heard [...]

5 facts you should know about permanent makeup

What are the five most important (and interesting) facts about permanent makeup according to Velcure?   It’s not 100% permanent Some say it’s like a tattoo. In a way, yes, but unlike tattoos that stay with you for your whole life, permanent makeup fa [...]

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