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I recommend the services offered by Velcure. People working there are friendly
and professional, answer all kinds of difficult questions. They are with you
from the start of your appointment till the end of the treatment – this way you never
feel lonely.
Miroslaw, Norway

Very satisfied with my implants. Good consultation and everything was very well explained.
No problems so far. Quick contact and good organization of the trip.
Team spoke very good english. Highly recommended.
Sebastian, Germany

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I am very happy with the deep dental cleaning at the clinic.
I can also recommend the travel assistance services.
Very professional and friendly staff. Great facilities.
Monica, UK

Excellent service. Will definitely recommend to others.
Steindor, Iceland

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3 07, 2016

Iron your body and get rid of cellulite and wrinkles

Your unique Iron for cellulite Did you ever had a thought that your wrinkles or cellulite can be miraculously ironed? We suppose everyone with cellulite problems or wanting to get rid of wrinkles shared this very same thought. Thanks to advanced technique [...]

25 06, 2016

Lomi Lomi Nui – your luxurious way to deep relaxation and harmony

Dee Relax and harmony before and during your holidays   Last week we have written about our Partner Kashmir SPA and wonderful massages that you can get there. We promised as well that there are some special surprises waiting for you. And here they [...]

18 06, 2016

Kashmir SPA in Gdansk – our visit in the new premises

A few weeks ago we visited Malwina Markowska, the owner of Kashmir SPA in Gdańsk. Kashmir SPA has been our Partner for some time now, but they have recently moved to a totally new building and are now operating in a truly beautiful and relaxing environmen [...]

10 06, 2016

Medical trip to Poland – how to prepare?

If you are reading this then probably you are considering a medical trip to Poland, or you maybe know someone who is. It is great that you are doing this research, because it means that you want to prepare for your trip in the best possible way. We will g [...]

3 06, 2016

How to get to Gdansk? Useful links and tips

Even if you have never heard of Gdansk, you will be surprised, because this city is within your reach. How to get to Gdansk? Our city is easy to get to with different means of transport and from most European countries, your journey can only take a few ho [...]

26 05, 2016

Gdansk Tourist Traps – our tips

An every tourist's nightmare... and it doesn't matter whether you are a medical tourist, who just came to Gdansk to have their teeth fixed, or you want to relax in Gdansk and do some sightseeing. Just like in any popular city, especially during the top su [...]

20 05, 2016

8 reasons why you should visit Gdansk

Holland? No, POLAND. Dance? No, GDANSK. We hear these mistakes almost every day; when we call our customers or explain how to get somewhere. It looks like many people never heard of our country, so it should not come as a shock that they have never heard [...]

14 05, 2016

Fighting Fat Cells with cryolipolysis

How to make use of modern technologies and get a Perfect Body? This week we promised you to get you all necessary information about how to use modern technologies and Hi tech solutions to get Dream Body. In today’s post we present you different methods (l [...]

8 05, 2016

Diet for weight loss is a change of habits

Your battle for a Perfect Body is not only a battle against kilos and too much weight. It is also the change of lifestyle, way of thinking and adjusting to the new healthy diet. Yes. That is true- a healthy and well balanced diet is the key to success. Ev [...]

29 04, 2016

Massage can do miracles

Massages really can do miracles and be a change for body and mind including losing weight Everyone associate  massage with pleasure and relax and not a way of getting a perfect body and losing weight. We strongly advise anyone who wants to reach a high le [...]

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