When you seek for treatment abroad, it can be difficult to find the most suitable and comfortable solution. There are so many clinics, dentists and medical tourism facilitators to choose from, that it is totally understandable why patients have problems finding the best doctor. Why should you choose a dentist in Poland? Here are the 4 top reasons Velcure could think of.

1. European quality

dentist in polandIf you choose a dentist in Poland with Velcure, you can be sure that the doctor will work with products of the highest quality. As an example, if you need to have implants set, you will always know which system is used. That’s why, if for some reason in the future, you will have to have extra work done with the implant, you will be sure and safe that you know which system was used in your jaw. In addition to that, our doctors study dentistry all over the world and when they’re in Poland, they make sure that European standards of quality are met.

2. Dentists in Poland speak English

When you sit on the chair in the dental clinic, you want to feel comfortable and be sure that the dentist understands you. In Poland we work with dentists, who speak English, so the communication is always smooth and easy. If a translation to a different language is necessary, your Velcure assistant will always be happy to help.

3. Dentists develop their skills

dentist in Poland

Vivadental Clinic in Gdansk

Our dentists finished the best schools in Poland and Europe, but this is not the end of their education. It is well known that dentists in Poland constantly develop to make sure that they can offer services of the highest quality. That’s why, sometimes if you wish to visit a dentist in Poland and you contact Velcure, some doctors might not be available right away. First of all, the good doctors are rather popular and secondly, they might be currently visiting a congress or a course abroad. Another proof for that is that many students from abroad decide to come to Poland to study dentistry.

4. Dentist in Poland focuses on the patient

Our dentists know that without their patients, they would not have a reason to work and to develop. Polish dentists appreciate their patients and want to help them. Most Poles stick to the same dentist and don’t change him/her for years. This helps to develop a fruitful doctor-patient relationship, which is full of trust and thus, health.