euro-1557431_1280 For both tourists and patients, who come to Poland from abroad, Poland is a relatively inexpensive country. The prices of services, food and accommodation, are lower from the prices in most of other European countries. Therefore is does not come as a surprise that dentist prices in Poland are also lower from the prices in the UK, the Netherlands or Scandinavia.


If you are looking to save money on your dental treatment, coming to Poland can be a very good idea. Medical and what’s most important, also dental tourism, have been on the increase in Poland over the past few years and this is why, the number of medical procedures has been rising. Due to the fact that there are many dental clinics, which offer their services to patients from abroad, the prices are also lower.


Dentist prices in Poland are very cometitive and foreign patients are attracted not only by the promise of savings, but also by the modern medical equipment, the top-quality materials and the guarantees.


But let us give you some examples of the most popular dental treatments.

dentist prices in polandFirst of all, prices of implants (Neo Biotech) start at 500 EUR or 650 EUR (Astra Tech). The same implants in the UK can start from 1.300 GBP, which is ca. 1.500 EUR. Shocking difference, isn’t it?


When your implant is already set and everything’s healed, it’s the time for crowns. Prices of crowns in Poland start from 500 EUR (Neo Biotech) or 650 EUR (Astra Tech). The same crowns in the UK cost, again, 1.300 GBP, which is basically three times as much as in Poland, for exactly the same system.


Dentist prices in Poland – What about the prices of other treatments?

Tooth extraction can cost ca. 40-70 EUR for a non-complicated surgery and ca. 100-130 EUR for a surgical tooth extraction.


Root treatment (for 1 root) costs 100 EUR, 2 roots cost 140 EUR, 3 – 160 EUR and 4 – 190 EUR. Prices of root canal treatment in London start from 350 GBP, so ca. 400 EUR.


Ceramic veneers cost ca. 380 EUR, Beyond lamp teeth whitening costs 200 EUR, while deep cleaning (including scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluorization) costs 55 EUR. Compared to the prices in other countries, you can save up to 70% of what you’d have to pay in your own country.


What about the cost of travel and accommodation?

dentist prices in polandWe understand your doubts – it would not be a bargain at all, if you’d have to pay twice as much for the flight tickets and the hotel. Luckily enough, we have negotiated many great discount for hotels and we are still working on other discounts for our patients.

Basically, you can come to Gdansk with Wizzair or Ryanair, and the prices can be as low as 10 EUR one way. Then we usually recommend our guests to stay at apartments in the city, as a week for 2-4 people can cost not more than 220 EUR.

As you can see, dentist prices in Poland are quite attractive. Taking into consideration that our dentists are totally qualified and work with the best products and modern equipment, your trip to Poland will mean savings combined with top quality.


Friendly remark: The overview of prices was prepared in August 2016. The prices might slightly differ if you are reading this article much later. Please contact us for the most up-to-date prices.