diagnostic tests

We are starting a new series of articles about diagnostic tests addressed to everyone who cares about health and body. In today’s post you will learn what to expect from diagnostic tests.  At the end you will find our proposals for well-designed diagnostic tests which includes also necessary check-ups at the doctor’s office!


Let’s start with simple question:

Why are diagnostic tests indeed so important for patients care?

The answer is simple. Diagnostic tests not only contribute to protection of our health but also help us to find out about possible risks earlier and even save our lives. That is why diagnostics have a significant role in the medical care and must be taken seriously and what is even more important regularly.diagnostics diebates

Doctors underline that diagnostic tests shall be a basis of majority medical decisions yet only 1% of funds allocated to healthcare worldwide is used for diagnostic tests!

(source http://www.biomerieux.com/en/importance-diagnostics )

What can we find out with diagnostic test?

With well-designed diagnostic plan we are able to:

  • Detect and diagnose many diseases at a very early stage and start curing them sometimes even before the symptoms occur
  • Detect and see if there is even a risk for a disease
  • Find a well-balanced and effective treatment earlier if the disease has been detected
  • Monitor the progress of the treatment

Additionally, more effort put in diagnostics and regular testing, carried out in a good time can significantly reduce the risk of error treatment and what has become very common lately- over-prescription. It is well known that prevention is always better than cure.

That is why in coming weeks we make sure that you understand the importance of early diagnostic and start paying more attention to the signals that body is sending you!



In the meantime, you may take a look at the diagnostic packages that we have prepared together with our doctors in order to cover the most possible diseases and their symptoms. The specially prepared packages differs and are suited for the need of woman and man. Take a look and book your time. It may only be 2 days to do the tests, but you will have a whole more time of healthy living!