Here you can find answers to a number of questions, which you might have when you decide to go to Poland for a health, SPA and city break trips. If you still have some questions, which can’t be found on the list, please write to us so that we can give you all the needed answers.

Velcure will take care of the contact for you and you should not worry about that. Of course, in case you might need more detailed information about your treatment, you can always contact the clinic by yourself. However, do let us know what your concerns or questions are and which clinic you want to contact, and we will provide you with a direct phone number or personal email to our contact person in the clinic.
You can read descriptions of the treatments under the Treatments tab. You can also contact us or the clinic for more information. Please use our contact form or call us for more information.
Please use our contact form. Write there what treatments you are interested in, which dates would suit you best and what are your expectations. It will take us up to 2 days to prepare for you an offer / multiple offers you can choose from, and we will send you a message with all the instructions. For example, if you already have a X-ray picture of your teeth, we will ask you to send it to us. This way it will be easier for our doctors to calculate the estimated price of your treatment and to prepare a treatment plan.
You can always send us an email or call us during your stay. More detailed information is always visible on the documents, which you will receive from us on the first day of your stay. In the documents you will find the contact information, plan of your trip, your treatment schedule, information about the hotel, transport and whom to contact in case of an emergency. Apart from that, you will also receive some useful information about Poland and TriCity.
Velcure gives you an opportunity to communicate in your own language. We speak Danish, so there are no reasons to be worried about the language barrier. We help you in Danish or English from the very beginning – when you contact us for the first time, when you are in Poland and afterwards, if you wish to contact us again.
All of our partners speak English. You can therefore use English to communicate with them or ask us for translation, if this makes you feel more secure. We are here to help and to support you.
Most people think that in Poland it is only possible to speak Polish. This is no longer true and this is also a stereotype, which we fight with. The truth is that most young Poles speak English on a very good level. That’s why this is not a problem to communicate in English in most of the shops or restaurants. It is true however that people, who are older than 40 or 50 will usually speak German or Russian instead of English.
You pay directly to your doctor, transportation company, hotel etc. You do not pay to Velcure. You do not have to pay in advance either* and you will never pay before your treatment.

Prices of each treatment can be found on the website, however it is possible that there will be special discounts or extra free treatments from our partners to Velcure customers. That’s why we will inform you about the final price on you first day of the visit, right after you meet the doctor and make a final decision about the needed treatments and the treatment plan. This way you can control how much you spend and know for which treatments you pay. You can control your spendings.

In the hotels you will usually pay when you check out. However there can be a need to pay for a part of your stay if you plan a longer visit at the hotel (2 weeks).

*You pay in advance at the physiotherapy/rehabilitation center.

Velcure is free for you. We help to plan your trip, make all the needed reservations, contact the doctor and translate, among others. Our services are always free – before, during and after your trip. You can write to us or call us 24/7 during your stay.
In order to make you stay as uncomplicated as possible, you have an option to pay with:

Card (MasterCard, Visa, other)
Cash (Polish zloty/PLN, or Euro)
Bank Transfer (to the physiotherapy center-read more)
Remember that there can be a daily or monthly limit of how much cash you can pay out from your card. Therefore it is a very good idea to ask your bank about such limits before your trip to Poland. This way you can avoid an unpleasant surprise in Poland.

You have an option to pay in Polish zloty (PLN) or in Euro. We always recommend payments in PLN since all of your receipts and invoices will be issued in this currency and this way it will be easier for you to receive a refund when you go back home. Remember that in case of a EUR payment the currency will be calculated on basis of Polish National Bank (NBP) rate of the date of the payment.

Here you can fine the daily exchange rates for PLN.

Generally speaking – yes. We use cards in most of the places. But if you shop in really small shops, it might not always be possible to pay by credit or debit card. It’s always a good solution to carry some cash with you.

We hope that such situations do not happen, however if you are not satisfied with the treatment, you always have an option to file a complaint and have the mistake corrected.

Our partners will always want to solve such issues as soon as possible, so make sure to contact the doctor or the clinic right after you decide you want to file the complaint.

Please remember that Velcure is responsible for you stay in Poland and not for the treatment itself. This means that you should always contact the doctor or the clinic regarding your complaint. However you will not be left alone with your complaint – Velcure will help you to contact the responsible party and will support you to solve the problem.

When you are treated abroad, you will not get the same complaint options as in your country. This does not mean that there are no complaint options. In the EU the possibilities are different depending on the country and you can always get help.

We recommend that you first contact Velcure or the clinic before you decide to send the case further. This can save your time and money, as we are sure that we will be able to find a solution, which will fully satisfy you.

However, in case you are a Danish citizen, you can always contact Forbruger Europa in such cases.
Forbruger Europa

Carl Jacobsens Vej 35

2500 Valby
Tlf. 4171 5000