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This can happen to everyone. No matter how old you are or how often you brush your teeth.  It’s good that now we have solutions that can help you to fit the gap and replace a missing tooth.

Some time ago we gave you basic information about implants and implant treatment that can be done with our Partners in Gdansk, Poland. Today we wanted to expand the topic and give you more information about dental implants, but not only that. There are different alternatives that may also be interesting. Today you can read about how implants can change your life and what are pros and cons of different treatments that can help you fill a gap of one tooth.  If you are missing more than one tooth- all necessary information are going to come next week, so stay tuned.

Implants are new, convenient and hygenic solution

Dental implants are today’s response to the needs of majority of patients who wants to get the best, most convenient and hygienic way to replace lost teeth/tooth providing a completely new quality and comfort of living.

Constantly improved and innovated dental implants made of pure titanium with complete fusion with the patient’s living bone tissue are now a secure offer for patients at every age

We are pretty sure that there is no need to remind you what an implant is and how it is built. You can read it here.

Just one thing worth mentioning that people keep forgetting- there are no express and immediate treatments! Thanks to special devices and systems (like CAD/CAM Cerec that we use) we can cut the time of visits but we are not able to shorten the time of healing.

Implant treatment is performed in stages. First stage consist on of reconstruction of permanent root by a surgical placement of usually titanium implant. Depending on the needs it can be done even during one visit at the dentist’s.

Setting the crowns on implants is the second phase of the treatment which takes place after 4 to 6 months from the introduction of the implant. The prosthetic reconstruction (crown or bridge) based on implants or implant groups depending on the needs is the final stage of the implant treatment. The new crown looks just like the natural tooth and is adjusted to the rest of the teeth with the colour and shape making it look as natural as possible.

one missing toothHow can we help you fill in ONE tooth gap?

You have three possible choices:


  • Conventional bridge
  • Removable denture or
  • an Implant


Conventional bridge:


one missing tooth bridgeAs an alternative to the implants solution the missing tooth can be replaced with a fixed bridge. The procedure requires grounding down of healthy teeth in order to fix the bridge in place. This means the teeth neighbouring the gap must be reshaped as they should act as bridge abutments. After that the denture is fixed to the bridge with crowns. The bridge can close the gap and it looks also identical to the natural teeth.

As the tooth has no root, the bone atrophies, gradually wastes away over the time like a non-used muscle. This is why bridge components can be visible when people are talking or laughing.


Partial denture:

one missing tooth removable dentureDepending on the placement of the missing tooth a removable partial denture can be used. If the gap is at the end of the tooth row we can prepare a removable partial denture, which needs special retainers such as small metal clasps attached to the nearby teeth. Unfortunately, the metal clasps potentially cause more tooth losses over the time as it overloads the retainer teeth.



Implant- best solution:

one missing tooth implantOur dentist inserts the implant at the place where the natural tooth was in the jaw. This usually is done at one visit that does not take longer than an hour. You are of course not left toothless. We place a temporary restoration which closes the gap for the period when the implant is integrated with the bone and healed. After 4-6 months the final tooth crown is fixed. As we work with the CAD/CAM Cerec system we are able to prepare the complete crown within one day. So you smile again the same day with your new teeth which feels and look identical to your natural one.



When you choose the implant solution, there is no need to grind down any other teeth or retainer clasps placed on the tooth as in case of other possible solutions. Implants imitate the anatomy of the natural tooth root and the crown is identical to your teeth so that no one detects any difference. Additionally, the new tooth is used the same way as other teeth- you take care of it the same way and polish it exactly the same way.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or send is pictures so we can consult our doctors and provide yuo with best solution, prepared especially for you!


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