Dental implants come for resue!

What if you have no teeth at all…? Or you have few and want a new smile? Or you simply are tired of your teeth and want to replace them with brand new ones?


In this post we provide you all necessary information about different methods for dental treatment when you want to replace the full upper and lower jaw with dental implants, bridges or dentures.   There are of course different possibilities and methods that we can propose you.  You can choose whatever suits you best.

no teeth jaw full set of implantsEdentulous jaw is no longer a problem. We do have a solution for you that will bring back your smile and give you the comfort that you have never thought about. What is more it has never been easier.  It is possible to place the full set of teeth only on as few as two artificial roots per jaw, dental implants.

You can choose between:

  • Removable bar supported complete dentures,
  • Complete dentures fixed to implants or
  • Complete bridge fixed to 6 or 8 implants


Removable bar supported complete denture

denture on 4 implantsIf you like wearing a denture and you do not mind that, we have a great solution –full denture attached to the implants with special retainer systems.  Those systems consist of two components- one permanently attached to implants, the other one is in the denture. We call it a click denture as by pressing the denture to the dental implants like a button you give yourself a new smile. The denture is firmly attached and there is no possibility of losing it. What is even more important is that you can freely remove it and clean it.





Complete  dentures fixed to implants

You can choodenture fixed to implantsse as well a variant of the previous method but with a denture that is firmly attached to dental implants. It looks better and you do not have to worry about removing it for cleaning.




Complete bridge fixed to 6 or 8 implants

If you arimplants on 6 8e annoyed that the pink plastic of standard denture is visible, you can choose a different treatment where we prepare a complete bridge of teeth fixed to 6 or 8 dental
implants. Your bridge of teeth is permanently attached to implants. This gives you the maximum of comfort and no one will notice that you have no teeth and that any prosthetic has been done. A bridge can be fixed to 6 or 8 implants, which is decided after a detailed consultation at our doctor’s office.





Of course you choose which solution suits you best and what are your expectation after the treatement. You can always consult your case for free with us. What you need to do is just to send us your Xray or CT scan and we will be able to give you not only estimated price, but also treatment plan and description of you whole trip to Poland!