Laser vision correction

TREATMENTS laser vision correction

price for the treatment of one eye, it includes 3 check-up visits, eye drops and sleeping eye shields

Pre-op qualifying appointment (all req. check-ups and tests), price is deducted from the procedure performed on the second eye 250
iLASIK, most popular FemtoLASIK with Advanced CustomVue 3950
FemtoLASIK standard 3350
EBK standard 2950
EPI-LASIK standard 2750
LASIK standard 2550
Advanced CustomVue 600
Procedure with Mitomycin C 100


(prices per one eye)

PresbyFemtoLASIK Advanced CustomVue 4250
PresbyEBK Advanced CustomVue 3850
PresbyLASIK Advanced CustomVue 3450

OPERATION implantation of intraocular lenses

(for patients, who cannot undergo the laser vision correction, for example, due to their age)

Pre-op qualifying appointment (all req. check-ups and tests) 200300

Phacoemulsification method and implantation of intraocular lens (IOL) PREMIUM CLASS

(incl. In price- 2 check-ups and special sleeping shields)

with Acrysof IQ lens 4000
with Alcon Acrysof TORIC lens 5000
with ReSTOR Natural lens 5800
with ReSTOR Aspheric lens 6300
with AMO TECNIS lens 4000
with TECNIS MULTIFOCAL lens 6000


Pre-op qualifying appointment for crosslinking CXL (x-linking)/PTK 150170
 CROSS LINKING (X-linking) (per single eye)  incl. in price- 3 check-ups, eye drops and special sleeping covers for eyes), Avedro KXL system – accelerated cross 2200
 PHOTOTHERAPEUTIC KERATECTOMY (per single eye):excimerowym 1500


Pre-op qualifying appointment 150230

Cataract treatments /phacoemilsification method (PRICE per ONE eye:

with german IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) 2750
with american Alcon Acrysof IOL 3000
zwith Alcon Acrysof Natural IOL 3700
with Alcon Acrysof IQ lens 3900
with Alcon Acrysof Toric lens 4800
with Alcon ReSTOR Natural lens 5700
with Alcon ReSTOR Aspheric lens 6200
with AMO SENSAR lens 3000
with AMO TECNIS lens 3700