Project Description

Glasses/lenses in 2 days, from 60 EUR

glasses, contact lenses in containers and tweezers, on snellen eye chart background

Pacage price:

  • from 250
  • from 250
  • from 250
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The entire process of selection of glasses or lenses starts from a professional and detailed examination performed by an optometrist.

An eye examination for glasses: 80

Examination for contact lenses: 150 (the price includes at least two visits, after the last visit patient leaves the store wearing new lenses)

The optometric examination includes:

  • assessment of the patient’s visual system
  • assessment of the anterior segment
  • measurement of intraocular pressure
  • complex refraction
  • finding and matching the appropriate correction method (progressive glasses, glasses for office work, monofocal glasses, photochromic lenses)

If such need arises during the examination, there is an option of an ophthalmologic eye examination 100

After the examination, you can decide to choose eyeglass frames that match your style.

Special offer for Velcure customers: If you decide to purchase glasses on the day of your examination, you will get a discount in the amount of 50

Price list:

eyeglass frames start from approximately 80

glasses (for example white monofocal anti-reflex coating glasses) from approx. 140 (pair)

progressive glasses with anti-reflex coating from approx. 650 (pair)

Additional information:

  • In case you would like to modify this package, by for example choosing a different accommodation type or adding other treatments, please contact us and we will be happy to help.
  • Please remember that Velcure also offers you a danish- and english-speaking patient/travel assistants. With us you can feel safe and secure!