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Packages for Men, from 160

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

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  • 160
  • 160
  • 160
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Price 160 210 345 355 450
Brow Grooming mini-logo-tabelki
Manicure mini-logo-tabelki mini-logo-tabelki mini-logo-tabelki
Pedicure mini-logo-tabelki mini-logo-tabelki
Wax – armpits + torso mini-logo-tabelki
Renlive eye care* mini-logo-tabelki
Renlive face treatment ** mini-logo-tabelki
Hydraforce treatment*** mini-logo-tabelki mini-logo-tabelki
Therapeutic spine massage mini-logo-tabelki
Head massage mini-logo-tabelki

*skin care treatment for eye area, eliminates superficial wrinkles, dark circles. Brings back healthy and fresh look of eye area

**face treatment with pure vitamin C with a strong antioxydant effect

***nourishing and toning Decleor ritual for face + back massage. Strong moisturizing effect combined with a relaxing massage

Please remember that Velcure also offers you a danish- and english-speaking patient/travel assistants. With us you can feel safe and secure.