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Teeth whitening with the Beyond lamp,
from 750 to 1000



  • from 750
  • from 750
  • from 750
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Make the best of of your trip to Gdansk and, since you’re already here, whiten your teeth with the Bayond lamp. Beyond lamp allows you to quickly whiten teeth with special overlays that are placed on your teeth for 15 minutes and exposed to the light. Thanks to just a few Beyond lamp teeth whitening sessions, which are done one after another, you can enjoy your new, fresh and white smile already after an hour. Depending on the natural color of your own bone you can even get the white Hollywood smile after only one visit.
Remember that in order to undergo the teeth whitening, your teeth need to be healthy and there should be no plaque on them. Our doctor will take a good look at your teeth and will decide whether Beyond lamp teeth whitening can be done during this visit. It is possible that you will need to do the dental teeth cleaning first, but you will be able to do the whitening right after.
Teeth whitening with the Beyond lamp costs between 750 and 1000, depending on the clinic. You should expect the visit to take up to 1,5 hours.
Contact us and we will choose the best available time and the best price for you.