When you come to Gdansk you might also hear that some locals call it Trojmiasto, or if they speak English, TriCity. Basically, TriCity means that it’s a bigger metropolia, which is officially divided into three cities. The three cities, which are, of course, Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, are independent, funcion on a daily basis as three separate cities, but still – they are a part of a whole. In this post we will tell you a bit more about one of these cities, namely Sopot.


If you decide to undergo laser vision correction, you will notice that one of our partners is located in Sopot. In addition to that, we recommend that our patients choose to stay at an apartment located in Sopot (but still – only about 500 meters from Gdansk). Why are these places located in Sopot, if Velcure operates in Gdansk and most of its partners are located in Gdansk? In a nutshell, itis a small, yet charming and entertaining city by the sea, but there is so much more to this city than you think.


Where is Sopot?

Sopot is located not more than 16 kilometers from the airport in Gdansk. This means that it is closer to the airport in a different city, than most European cities (Oslo, Brussels, etc.) are to their own airport. The ride from the airport takes about 25 minutes by car.


Basic information about the city

Sopot itself is a rather small city (it is also called: Smallest of the big cities) and has about 38.000 inhabitants. In the winter the city is rather quiet and calm, but in the summer it becomes the Polish party capital city. Thousands of young people from the whole country visit the famous Monciak (Boh. Monte Cassino street in the centre) to visit and party at the best and loudest clubs. Many foreigners also come here just to enjoy the great parties at very reasonable prices. However after hours, during beautiful summer days, the city transforms into a family-friendly city and offers its visitors a beautiful beach, lovely restaurants and the longest wooden pier in Europe.


What to see in Sopot?

sopot2When you’re in Sopot, you will most probably take a stroll around the centre and will see the famous Monciak. When you’re on Monciak, make sure to look left as you are walking towards the sea side. You will see the Crooked House (Krzywy Domek), which looks like a house taken from a dream of a totally drunk person. It was built in 2004 and the architects were inspired by the work of a Swedish architect Pehl Dahlberg. In the Crooked Hourse you can visit our partner, Blikpol.


When you are right by the sea, make sure you take a look and walk on the Sopot Pier. It is 511,5 meters long, which makes in the longes wooden pier in Europe. We recommend to visit it after sunset and take a walk when Sopot is dark. It is a perfect place fora romantic date.


Anything else?

If you want to enjoy what the city has to offer, so visit many pubs, clubs, dance till the morning and drink delicious coctails, we can recommend many. Make sure to write to us when you’re in Poland so that we can direct you towards the most fashionable and exciting places.