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Optician Mysłek & Rogowscy is a Tricity-based and family-owned chain of optometric stores, which has been making glasses since 1965. The company offers complex optometric and ophthalmic examinations, as well as professional assistance when choosing glasses or contact lenses.



Blikpol is a part of the medical center named “Kardiotel”, which was founded in 1997 in Gdansk. The clinic is located in the heart of Sopot, in the popular Crooked House. The company offers the newest technology, including the iLASIK suite and most frequently chosen laser vision correction treatment options available globally today. In addition it also offers removal of cataract, keratoconus treatment and treating other vision defects.

Laser vision correction procedures are surgical treatments that allow patients to achieve much better vision without the need of wearing glasses or lenses. The procedure revolves around the modelling of the cornea in a way, which allows light to focus exactly on the retina, where it should, so that the vision is perfectly crisp.

It is the only clinic in the northern and central Poland, which owns the first-class, two brand new lasers, which are used to perform treatments. These lasers are the only ones that have the approval of the most demanding institutions: NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration), the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), navy and the United States Army air force. Procedures with use of this equipment allow us to use the laser instead of scalpel and this way reduce all risk related to the treatment. What is more, the healing time can be reduced to one day.

Blikpol owns the most accurate diagnostic equipment available on the market, such as WaveScan ™ and Pentacam ™, which allow to carry out the extremely detailed studies of the cornea.

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Blikpol offers such laser eye correction methods, as:


iLASIK (most popular femtoLASIK with Advanced CustomVue)

iLASIK is the most advanced LASIK available in the world, it is the most developed procedure from the laser vision correction equipment market leader – Abbott Medical Optics (AMO).
iLASIK is the most popular bladeless LASIK in the world, sometimes referred to as “all-laser LASIK”. Instead of a mechanical microkeratome (with a blade), it uses a second laser, i.e. femtosecond laser. This allows a better precision and one day treatment. Patients can go back to full health the next day.

FemtoLASIK standard

FemtoLASIK is a femtosecond laser that uses a laser instead of mechanical microkeratome. This allows a better precision and quick recovery after a surgery.

EBK standard

It is a perfect method for: short-sightedness -1 to -7,0 dioptres, mild long-sightedness, astigmatism to 3,0 dioptres.
EBKTM (Epi thelial Bowman’s Keratectomy) is a modification of LASEK i PRK methods. EBKTM removes the flap with one time advice Orca Surgical, which prepares corneal for the operation. With this method the flap regenerates twice as fast as in a natural way so that the healing process after the surgery is quicker. After the treatment there is need to wear contact lenses for 3 days.

EPI-LASIK standard

It is a perfect method for: short-sightedness to -7,0 dioptres, mild long-sightedness, astigmatism to 3,0 dioptres.
Epi-LASIK is essentially a modification of LASEK and PRK methods. It is best suited for thin corneas. In epi-LASIK the flap is either specially reshaped or entirely removed. Most surgeons prefer the latter, as it allows for faster and better curing process. After the treatment the patient wears a protective lens for 3 days. Epithelium heals better than in LASEK or PRK methods.

LASIK standard

It is a perfect method for: short-sightedness to -10,0 dioptres, long-sightedness to +6,0 dioptres, astigmatism to 6,0 dioptres.
LASIK (Laser in situ keratomileusis) used to be the most popular correction method, with a list of advantages over older procedures like PRK or LASEK, including relatively mild pain post-op and short interval period before regaining crisp vision post-op. The procedure lasts only a couple of minutes which minimizes the discomfort associated with it. Both eyes can be treated in one go because this method does not require a protective bandage or similar limitations post-op.

Advanced CustomVue

Advanced CustomVue is a customized, individual procedure with Wavescan Wavefront check-up (includes higher-order-aberrations diagnosis & treatment – vital for Patients who need good vision after dark or in weak-light settings).